About Us

Blesscuit –
Biscuit with Blessings

In a tasteful way, we bless the world. The brand name Blesscuit is the combination of “Blessings” and “Biscuit”. The rooted meaning originates from our strong belief that blessings and gratefulness lead to a truly joyful life. Through Blesscuit products, we convey our blessings to all customers. By doing that, we hope we can inspire even more blessings and more gratefulness to better our lives.

Freshly made in Hong Kong every day, baked with 100% natural butter and wheat flour, through each unique-flavored hand-made cookie, we proudly present you a tasteful blessing.

About Kim

Kim loves baking. His baking journey began at an early age. He lived upstairs from a bakery and every day the smell of freshly baked bread permeated his room. These delicious aromas gave him the feeling of joy and contentment which transpired into a lifetime passion.

From Happy Valley to Central, from being an apprentice of a local bakery shop to chief pastry chef at a 5-Star Hotel. Kim believed the best cookie was yet to be created. By reading over a thousand cook books, and experimenting with innumerable recipes. Kim firmly believes that every ingredient carries different emotional-energy. Connection with this energy bring out their essence.... he puts this alchemy into practice in the Blesscuit kitchen. By blessing the dough and baking with love, he dedicates himself to creating cookies into art that touch your heart.