Green Tea Cookie

Green Tea Cookie

Made with premium Japanese Matcha (green tea powder) and baked at a low temperature to retain the natural color and unique aroma of green tea. No artificial coloring or flavoring agents are added. A 100% healthy treat that pleases your sense.

Available in a pack of 8 cookies.


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Grands Moulins
The milling know-how of Grands Moulins de Paris, with stringently selected wheat varieties, the flour is developed to meet the needs and specific requirements of bakers. Its traceability policy guarantees the quality and consistency of its flour with excellent hydration level and easy to use.
Cornish Sea Salt
Cornish Sea Salt, a pure and natural sea salt. Importantly it is unrefined, which retain over sixty naturally occurring trace elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Cornish sea salt is typically 5 to 10% lower in sodium than processed salt to deliver greater flavor for less sodium.