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防疫靈芝生薑祁門紅茶 Epidemic Prevention Keemun Black Tea with Ganoderma and Ginger

防疫靈芝生薑祁門紅茶 Epidemic Prevention Keemun Black Tea with Ganoderma and Ginger

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有見及此,Blesscuit 祝奇餅與大家同心抗疫,嚴選高級材料製作防疫茶包,好讓大家增強自我體質、調節好自身免疫力,百毒不侵,身體健康!

Yellow Emperor’s Canon Internal Medicine states that “The accumulation of negative energy is mainly due to a deficiency of healthy energy. If healthy energy is superior, then you would be undefeatable.”

In view of this, Blesscuit carefully choose high quality ingredients to make epidemic prevention tea bag in order to fight the coronavirus together. By doing so, we hope all of you can strengthen your constitution as well as immune system. Wish you good health!

材料 Ingredients: 

  • 紅茶 Black Tea:
    • 紅茶所含的茶黃素和單寧酸比綠茶和普洱茶還要高。喝紅茶來增加抵抗力也是一個不錯的選擇!The content of Theaflavin and Tannic acid in Black Tea are higher than Green tea and Pu'er tea. It is a great choice to strengthen immune system.
  • 靈芝 Ganoderma
    • 靈芝具有補氣安神、護肝、增強免疫功能、調節人體整體的機能平衡等功效。Ganoderma provides the function of enriching vital energy and calming the spirit, protecting the liver, strengthening and consolidating body resistance, adjusting human body's balance systemt, to name but a few.
  • 生薑 Ginger
    • 生薑具有驅散寒邪、預防感冒、幫助消化、止嘔防暈、排汗及改善咳嗽等功能。Ginger has a range of benefits such as dispelling the cold, preventing cold, stimulating digestion, stopping the vomiting, spreading sweating and improving coughing.
  • Cordyceps militaris 
    • 蟲草花可有助滋潤喉嚨、抗疲勞等功效,同時可綜合調理人機體內環境,提高抗病能力。Cordyceps militaris is beneficial for getting rid of coughing, moisturizing throat, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, fatigue resistance, and so on. It also manages human body system comprehensively in order to enhance the ability of resisting diseases.


Total: 10 tea bags