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祝福茶罐 ‧ 熱情果鳥龍茶 Passion Fruit Oolong Tea

祝福茶罐 ‧ 熱情果鳥龍茶 Passion Fruit Oolong Tea

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The classic oolong tea blended with the refreshing passion fruit fragrant, fascinating your senses through the enjoyable smell and taste.

與 Blesscuit 曲奇的完美配搭 Prefect Match with Blesscuit Cookies:

  • 熱情果芒果曲奇 Passion Fruit and Mango Cookie
  • 紅莓水果茶曲奇 Cranberry Fruit Tea Cookie
  • 醇香咖啡曲奇 Coffee Cookie
  • 蕃茄曲奇 Tomato Cookie

與 Blesscuit 季節限定曲奇的完美配搭 Prefect Match with Blesscuit Seasonal Cookies:

  • 薑味牛油曲奇 Ginger Butter Cookie
  • 薄荷朱古力曲奇 Mint Chocolate Cookie
  • 飄雪紅桑子曲奇 Snowy Raspberry Cookie

沖泡方法 Brewing Method:

  • 冷泡  Cold:700亳升水溫約20-25度的水,浸泡約2小時便可享用。Teapot with 700ml water at 20-25°C and brew for 2 hours before serving.
  • 熱泡 Hot: 350亳升水溫約80-85度的水,浸泡3-5分鐘便可享用,可反覆浸泡2次。Teapot with 350ml water at 80-85°C and brew for 3-5 minutes before serving. One Tea bag may be refreshed 2 times.


Total: 15 tea bags (Each tea bag is 2.5g)